Monday, December 14, 2009

dont eat food

ok so i heard about this mom who did not try to get a job and she had 5 kids. when she lost her job she said to her 5 kids you dont need to eat because god will give you food while she would go to burger king and eat 4 meals a day. she let her kids starve for ten days with out giving them food then she was arrested and the kids were given to there dad who did give them food. i believe in god and all but i dont think god is up in heaven waiting for kids who r hungry then dropping food on them. think god in up there playing pool with people. yah so what was this mom thinking but she was right in the end because the kids were taken from her and given to their dad and they did get food so yah. so remember when your hungry dont eat and god will give you food and that is the fag it of the week.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ok so my math teacher drives me crazy I hav an A in her class and she is telling me I am slipping and I should come in after school to work on extra credit and she says I should come in during study center to learn more math and she keeps e mailing my mom too. This pisses me off because I hav to stay after school to work on bio because I hav a C in the class that makes me so mad because now I cant work on my bio project which is worth a lot of points. So yah that’s that I guess its not like I hav a choice. Also I watched a video in german today about a holiday that they hav were people dress up in wooden maskes and a black robe with three metal bells on their back were they go around beating the crap out of everyone they see now whats with that arnt holidays susposta be fun and joy full nope not in germany they just dress up to beat people. Yah they also hav the anti santa instead of getting coal he just kidnaps you and then beats you with a stick and eats you so you better be good this year!!!!!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

your a zombie!

ok so i was reading this story in which a guy got arrested for going up to a random person on the street yelling your a zombie then punching the guy in the face at this point the "zombie" pulls out a cell phone and calls the police while the guy punches him again and keeps beating him. Ok so first of all how do u mistake a person for a zombie because a zombie has like rotting flesh and looks like he just got hit buy a bus. I mean come on how does that happen and would a zombie really pull out a phone and call the cops or would the zombie eat your brains out. i mean how bad of a day do u hav to hav to be called a zombie and punched in the face. So if u look like a zombie stay inside this guy is coming to punch you! and yah the picture of the zombie cat does not have anything to do with anything i just thought it was beast!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hey its matt yah I am starting a blog oh lots of fun I am just doing it because I have nothing better to do and for the ten people who I will force to read this yep that means you. So if u r reading this you problem don’t wana be or your just bored and have nothing better to do. So today I am going to talk about Dora the explorer! Yah well Dora the explorer used to be a tomboy who had animal friends and friends like a backpack and a map well I think she was schizophrenic because I don’t think animals talk and same with a backpack and a map. What about swipper I don’t think if he was going to ‘swipe’ something I don’t think he will stop if you tell him to its like a guy robbing a bank he’s not going to stop if u tell him to. See what is that teaching kids soon we will have people saying swipper no swipping during bank robberies. Don’t get me wrong I liked Dora the exploring tom boy but now they made a Dora the explorer all grown up and she is no longer a tom boy I mean come on really that makes me mad because she is like perfect now and its telling kids what they have to live up to in our economy. I don’t know about you but I would not want my little kid seeing what is was and is now and thinking she has to be like that. Well yah another off topic thing today I saw a guy almost get hit by a train on youtube which was pretty cool because he jumps out of the way at the last second then he almost gets hit by another train coming from the opposite direction. Yah well that’s all so ttfn

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

german/obama socialist?

ok so today i have been studying scince i got home from school yah that makes me mad and i also have a unit 1 test over 213 words and 7 question and answers. yah so far it is 9;00 and i hav learned 40 and no questions because i am a slow learner lol my mom says im special :p yah and now after whos knows how many hours i am bored no wounder there is my 88 cents kicking in. well yah so someone is going to help me because i want them to like matt u r coming and r u going to help me with this. YAH and what else is there to talk about well i now think that obama might be a socialist i am not saying he is for all of you hard core obama people but think this because Socialism, according to Karl Marx, is the transition between capitalism and communism an obama bailed out the top companies which is a Socialist move same with his healcare idea in which they higher tax on the rich to give healthcare to the poor which in turn makes everyone equal and shareing the wealth which is also communism but idk that obama is a communist but he is heading towards socialism so yah thats what i was thinking about today so ttfn