Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ok so my math teacher drives me crazy I hav an A in her class and she is telling me I am slipping and I should come in after school to work on extra credit and she says I should come in during study center to learn more math and she keeps e mailing my mom too. This pisses me off because I hav to stay after school to work on bio because I hav a C in the class that makes me so mad because now I cant work on my bio project which is worth a lot of points. So yah that’s that I guess its not like I hav a choice. Also I watched a video in german today about a holiday that they hav were people dress up in wooden maskes and a black robe with three metal bells on their back were they go around beating the crap out of everyone they see now whats with that arnt holidays susposta be fun and joy full nope not in germany they just dress up to beat people. Yah they also hav the anti santa instead of getting coal he just kidnaps you and then beats you with a stick and eats you so you better be good this year!!!!!!

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