Wednesday, December 2, 2009

german/obama socialist?

ok so today i have been studying scince i got home from school yah that makes me mad and i also have a unit 1 test over 213 words and 7 question and answers. yah so far it is 9;00 and i hav learned 40 and no questions because i am a slow learner lol my mom says im special :p yah and now after whos knows how many hours i am bored no wounder there is my 88 cents kicking in. well yah so someone is going to help me because i want them to like matt u r coming and r u going to help me with this. YAH and what else is there to talk about well i now think that obama might be a socialist i am not saying he is for all of you hard core obama people but think this because Socialism, according to Karl Marx, is the transition between capitalism and communism an obama bailed out the top companies which is a Socialist move same with his healcare idea in which they higher tax on the rich to give healthcare to the poor which in turn makes everyone equal and shareing the wealth which is also communism but idk that obama is a communist but he is heading towards socialism so yah thats what i was thinking about today so ttfn

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