Monday, December 14, 2009

dont eat food

ok so i heard about this mom who did not try to get a job and she had 5 kids. when she lost her job she said to her 5 kids you dont need to eat because god will give you food while she would go to burger king and eat 4 meals a day. she let her kids starve for ten days with out giving them food then she was arrested and the kids were given to there dad who did give them food. i believe in god and all but i dont think god is up in heaven waiting for kids who r hungry then dropping food on them. think god in up there playing pool with people. yah so what was this mom thinking but she was right in the end because the kids were taken from her and given to their dad and they did get food so yah. so remember when your hungry dont eat and god will give you food and that is the fag it of the week.

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