Sunday, December 6, 2009

your a zombie!

ok so i was reading this story in which a guy got arrested for going up to a random person on the street yelling your a zombie then punching the guy in the face at this point the "zombie" pulls out a cell phone and calls the police while the guy punches him again and keeps beating him. Ok so first of all how do u mistake a person for a zombie because a zombie has like rotting flesh and looks like he just got hit buy a bus. I mean come on how does that happen and would a zombie really pull out a phone and call the cops or would the zombie eat your brains out. i mean how bad of a day do u hav to hav to be called a zombie and punched in the face. So if u look like a zombie stay inside this guy is coming to punch you! and yah the picture of the zombie cat does not have anything to do with anything i just thought it was beast!

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